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Let's Go Virtual!

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"I am in awe of how you engaged our students with your virtual presentation!"
Ryan Swanson, Hawthorne ES, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

"Thank you SO much for bringing normalcy to our lives! The kids really enjoyed it and so did I! ...They were so attentive!"
Victoria Cunningham, Librarian, Loudoun Country Day School, Leesburg, VA

“Jennifer really connected with the students. They loved her."
Nicole O'Keefe, Teacher, Buffalo Trail ES, Aldie, VA

I would love to show your students my process of creating picture books, right from my home studio. They will learn firsthand how books are written and illustrated and be inspired to create their own! With colorful slides I describe my beginnings and then my process - from the spark of an idea to the printed book. I hold up props and draw, while talking directly to your students. And they have a chance to draw too, with my drawing exercises. Children have a “front and center” viewpoint that they might not have had in a large school assembly.

Honorarium: Please email or call me (301-537-4878) to discuss your needs. I will work with you and your school or group’s budget.


eye of whale cover sealCreating The Eye of the Whale -
A Rescue Story 
(All Ages)

In this presentation, I share the many steps involved in writing and illustrating The Eye of the Whale. The process included exciting research, interviewing the lead diver and motoring out to sea on board the rescue boat. With PowerPoint slides and props I show the many drafts, storyboards, sketches, dummy books and final paintings that went into the book. I stress how multiple revisions are an integral part of the process, and I discuss ways in which we all can take action to become stewards of the natural world.

Using an easel set up in front of the video camera, I sketch three different whales in pastel on dark blue paper. Then I share some amazing facts that I’ve learned about the whales. I then show the students in simple, do-able steps how they can draw a whale in an underwater scene. (Paper and pencil needed.)

A Q & A session follows, with students whose teachers have collected questions or emails which can be answered live or after the session has ended. (45 minutes – an hour)

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How Ten Timid Ghosts Came To Be (All Ages)

I love to share my story of creating my best-selling picture book, Ten Timid Ghosts. Using PowerPoint slides and props, I show my numerous drafts, sketches, reference photos, dummy books, revisions and final illustrations. I include several progressions of sketch revisions. Sometimes I’ve had to draw a scene 10 times to get it right. It helps kids to hear this!

On an easel set up in front of the video camera, I sketch the witch from the story in pastels on dark blue paper. Then I guide everyone in a character-emotion-story sketch exercise. (See below for description. Pencil and white paper are needed.)

A Q & A session follows, with students whose teachers have collected questions or emails which can be answered live or after the session has ended. (45 minutes – an hour)


Creating Picture Books About Helping People, Animals and Our Planet 

After explaining and showing my process in creating The Eye of the Whale - A Rescue Story, I share visuals with ideas of ways that we can show kindness and empathy toward others by helping people, homeless dogs and cats, bees, birds, marine life and the environment. Then each student creates a book with their own illustrations and words about their chosen topic(s).

The workshop can be tailored to the needs and budget of the school. It worked very well as a 5-day residency with the K - 5 students at the Bullis School, Potomac, MD. Each day we created illustrations using a different technique, including pencil and watercolor, collage and acrylic paints. If this workshop is virtual, material packets can be mailed or delivered to your attendees.

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Let’s Make a Picture Book! (Grades 2 - Adults)

After reading aloud Ten Timid Ghosts, I briefly discuss key aspects to consider when creating a picture book. I then demonstrate how to make up a story by either using (virtual) brainstorming boxes or by fracturing fairy tales. Each student will create a picture book story with provided paper, pencils and markers. The participant will put his/her own picture book together using prepared Bristol paper for the cover, hole-punched white paper for the pages and decorative fasteners. Material packets can be mailed or delivered to your attendees. (45 - 60 minutes)

Let’s Make a Picture Book! - Five Day Workshop (Grades 2 - Adults)

For the past five years I have given this five-day workshop to the third grade classes at a local Elementary School:
Day 1: I give the “Eye of the Whale” presentation.
Day 2: We discuss brainstorming and first drafts. Then the children begin writing their stories.
Day 3: I demonstrate editing and revising and the students apply it to their stories.
Day 4: I talk about illustrating a story and the students begin the pictures for their stories.
Day 5: I discuss book covers and the students start work on their covers. I also discuss the "team" of people that work together to publish a picture book and describe each person's job.
Day 6: If possible, it is wonderful to have a show-and-tell celebration of the finished books! This can also be virtual!

I would be happy to discuss a possible workshop for your school or group. I can provide a more detailed outline of my program and can tailor it to fit the needs, age and size of your group. Material packets can be mailed or delivered to your attendees.

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Creating Characters, Emotions and Stories (Grades Pre-K - 5)

After I read Ten Timid Ghosts, budding young illustrators will see first hand how I create my picture book characters. Then they will follow my lead as I show them, in simple steps, how to draw their own original characters and how different expressions will show differing emotions. When backgrounds are added, stories emerge! This lively art/language arts activity yields successful outcomes for children/people of all ages and abilities and inspires stories and ideas! It can be a "mini-workshop" that follows one of my presentations. (Materials: paper and pencil.)


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   I look forward to getting back to our in-person visits.
     For now, let's have fun and learn a lot at home and virtually!             

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