jennifer book signingPlease click here to download a book ordering form (requires an Adobe PDF Reader).

Here, you can create a book order form to hand out to students to take home. Parents can fill out the forms and send them back in with a check if they'd like to order books. Just download the form, type your information in the shaded areas, and print copies. I am happy to autograph books the day of the visit.

A book sale can be a great way to help fund the speaking fee. It can also help to make the day of the visit more memorable for the children. Books can be ordered through a local bookstore, or through the publishers. Order books by their ISBN number.

Scholastic gives a 40% discount on books for an author's visit with free shipping and handling. Call 1-800-SCHOLAS (724-6527) X3.

Firefly's book order department can be contacted at 1-800-387-5085.

Remember to order books at least three weeks before Jennifer's visit.