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A Drawing Exercise

Let's Draw Characters, Emotions and Stories!

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The Eye of the Whale

Educator’s Guide for The Eye of the Whale   

Books and Internet Resources
The Educator’s Guide and Resources list is adapted from the “Teachers Take Note” section for The Eye of the Whale at

A Humpback Double Puzzle

  • Color the two pictures using a different background color for each one. In the picture with just the whale, create your own scene. Is the whale at the surface or deep down near the ocean floor? Is it in danger? Is it swimming with a pod of other whales?
  • With a glue stick, glue the two drawings to the front and back of a piece of tagboard, or recycled cardboard, making sure that the whales are facing the same direction.
  • Using scissors, cut the side with the words into puzzle pieces, keeping each word on one puzzle piece, if possible.
  • First, put together the puzzle with the words.
  • Then flip the pieces and put together the puzzle side without the words and see if you can remember all the body parts. The answers are right there on the other sides of the puzzle pieces!
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  Click here for the pdf

Find the Whales!
Can you find and color the 16 whales swimming in this swirling ocean?

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 Click here for the answer page. It’s fun to color too!

It's Halloween Night!

Here's a Halloween treat that goes with It's Halloween Night! Jennifer Morris has created these paper dolls that you can color and cut out. Download the full, three page paper-doll PDF here.

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